November 17

Boost Efficiency and Lower Running Costs With an E-Reception


Organisations are facing challenges with efficiency at their front desk reception area – and the stem of the problem is usually very apparent. The solution to these challenges? An e-reception.

Conveying the professional image of a well-informed front desk, while handling a full workload and everyday ad-hoc requests, is a drain on resources and on those tasked with performing these duties.

So, how do you manage this delicate balancing act? Well, automating your reception processes is a great start! Read on to discover how an e-reception will let you automate your reception processes, increasing efficiency and productivity while also lowering running costs.

What your visitors really think

How often has a visitor arrived at a barren front desk, with no clear instruction on where to go or who to ask for? It might only happen during a toilet break, but the impact it has on the visitor experience is somewhat alarming.

Visitors will respond negatively to any of these discerning factors:

  1. Unmanned reception area – “where is everybody?”
  2. Un-informed representatives – “who are you and why are you here?”
  3. Not being able to contact the host – they’re in the building… I think!”
  4. Unclear terms and agreements – “where’s the health & safety policy?”
  5. Poor quality visitor badges – “badge holder has broken, again!”
  6. Waiting at the desk – “already two people queuing… could be 10 minutes!”
  7. No visitor system in place – “in this day and age?!”

By making some minor changes to the way we work, these issues can be easily overcome. Visitors will feel more welcome, and everyone will be better informed – translating into a direct improvement in front desk efficiency, communications and operations.

The art of managing a front desk

There is an art to successfully welcoming, vetting, registering and directing visitors at your front desk, while concurrently dealing with other tasks and having the necessary down-time throughout the day.

Managing all of this efficiently and maintaining a well-informed, visitor-friendly front desk environment is no easy mission – but fear not, because there are some simple changes that can be put into action that will massively improve your productivity, communication, appearance and overall efficiency such as Intelligent e-reception system.

Front Desk Management

Image is everything

I’ve visited businesses that have spent unreal amounts on brand-heavy digital technology to ‘wow’ their guests upon arrival but haven’t taken into account the raggedy old visitor sign-in book sat on the reception desk. This is a crucial interaction point for everyone coming into the building, so why should it be ignored as part of the visitor experience?

By swapping out your tired-looking visitor book with an electronic sign-in system, you’ll be conveying a professional image while saving on the time needed to process each visit.

The first impression you make on your guests when they arrive on site is so important, and you only get one chance to make it. As such, you need a system that presents exactly the right image: that you’re an efficient, security-conscious business on the cutting edge of technology.

What if there was a way to achieve a professional appearance while saving on resources and improving efficiency?

We’re committed to improving visitor, contractor, staff and deliveries management and safeguarding standards through the implementation of reliable self-service, self-managed touchscreen e-reception visitor console.

VisiPoint visitor management system (e-reception) is the clean and intuitive touch screen user platform, combined with secure and multifunctional web-based software designed to self-manage the task of welcoming, informing, vetting and signing-in visitors to your organisation.

VisiPoint Visitor Management

If you’re looking for an innovative way to make your reception area more productive, efficient and welcoming, all while setting the best possible first impression to your visitors, VisiPoint is the perfect solution. Get in touch with one of our expert team for a free consultation.


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