January 29

GDPR Compliant Visitor Management at Manchester Islamic Education Trust


Manchester Islamic Educational Trust was established in 1992 with the specific purpose of advancing Islamic education in the United Kingdom. The Trust approached VisiPoint as they needed a GDPR compliant solution that would provide more accurate record-keeping, whilst still being competitively priced and easy to use. [blank_space height=’3em’]

Manchester Islamic Education Trust


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  • Comply with GDPR
  • Keep better records of visitors
  • Find an easy-to-use solution
  • Stay within budget



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VisiPoint familyCombining three of our 13” tablets, our Enterprise plan, and our Multi-Site Management Dashboard, we were able to provide Manchester Islamic Education Trust with a bespoke solution to meet their objectives. Our Multi-Site Management Dashboard gave the Trust the ability to operate three separate sites independently, while still retaining central control from a master account. This enabled more accurate reporting while still protecting the data of visitors signing in and out of each site.




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Since the installation of VisiPoint, Manchester Islamic Education Trust have been able to keep a better record of visits to each of their sites while staying GDPR compliant. The staff have been able to easily manage the system from the online dashboard, and visitors have found VisiPoint very user-friendly.


VisiPoint at Manchester Islamic Trust

Key results include;

  • Improved record keeping and enhanced GDPR and safeguarding compliance
  • Sophisticated device providing excellent first impression
  • Time freed up for reception staff
  • Excellent user experience for visitors, contractors and staff members


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